Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Lead Solution Uncovered By Editorial Advisory Board

We had the first official gathering of our newly assembled Editorial Advisory Board about a week ago. Representing a variety of sales, marketing and strategy roles, as well as industries, the group presented a variety of pain pointes they were looking to address.
By the group's own admission, the level of expertise in marketing, and more specifically demand generation, also varied widely. However, one common issue members were tackling was building a successful search strategy. Again, the specific needs around search, whether it be Search Engine Optimization or pure Search Engine Marketing, were unique depending on budgets and expertise.
Another common code most marketers are still trying to crack: determining who visits their site and how they got there also was discussed by the group. Karen Heyward, Chief Marketing Officer for IT outsourcing service provider Centerbeam, mentioned an interesting solution provider she had recently started working with called LeadLander.
The San Francisco-based company provides a web-based application that gives your sales staff access to real-time customer intelligence reports which identify the customers hitting your site. The company offers add-on modules which make it easy to integrate the solution with CRM systems including Salesforce.
The product also helps in the lead qualification process by providing customer intelligence on what at a specific customer is looking for by analyzing their search terms. LeadLander also offers a mechanism to automatically deliver leads to your inside sales team.
Based on the active conversation that came out of our first get-together I'm confident other interesting new companies will be uncovered and I will be sure to pass them along.